hans_wil Firefox & Muddy at: Filthy Trails

Check out Hans (firefox) Nieling and Wil (muddy) Colier getting their sunday morning groove on at the Filthy Trails Bikepark!

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bikemotion2012 BikeMotion 2012

Yet another year for us at the BikeMotion Utrecht. It’s sad to say but the gravity bikes are getting harder and harder to spot on the BikeMotion 2012, there lots of

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bikemotion ts visits: BikeMotion 2011

It’s mid term break so is time for the 12th visit to BikeMotion in Utrecht.

Check out the video!

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solidpark Closed abandoned trails of ts

Our one and only bmx rider has created a very sad movie, our dirts starting to fall apart, no riders for about half a year now.

We hope to restore this awesome dirt spot in the future, this is just sad.

check out the movie, and don’t forget to turn the volume up.

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first of season winterberg 2011

Team SoliD in Winterberg 2011

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team solid demo reel 2011

Trail: Filthytrails Video: Tom & Dennis Edit: Tom Selbeck

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