raoul_winter Roadtrip to: Winterberg, Willingen and Warstein

Check out another great video of Raoul & Casper this time shredding at Bikepark Winterberg, Willingen and Warstein!

Dope riding bro’s!

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raoul_filthy Limburg freeride with Raoul

Check out these awesome video from Raoul Eggen!
This time he travels around Limburg (Netherland & Belgium) to find a nice line he can ride!

Go Raoul!

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7trails Roadtrip #1: Secret Jam

We got invited by an old friend of Dennis to a secret dirt jump jam to test out the new park they build.

After a long car drive we finally arrived at the trails, and damn! That roll-in is epic! And the wing is massive! .. so are the dirts btw..

Check out the video!

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nissandhcupmal Nissan Downhill cup 2011 Malmedy

Team SoliD visited the Nissan Downhill Cup 2011 in Belgium, Malmedy.

The trails where in perfect condition for a nice contest with great runs. After the Nissan Downhill Cup ended the fun started, and a whip contest made the good weather and a nice beer even better!
Enjoy the video below!

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willingenender Season ender: Willingen

Casper and Raoul went to Germany, Willingen to round up another great season full of adrenaline and nice trails.
Check out the video below, and remember leave a comment!

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solidpark Closed abandoned trails of ts

Our one and only bmx rider has created a very sad movie, our dirts starting to fall apart, no riders for about half a year now.

We hope to restore this awesome dirt spot in the future, this is just sad.

check out the movie, and don’t forget to turn the volume up.

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raoulvid2 Bikepark Zauberg in Semmering, Austria

Check out the jaw dropping trails in Semmering, bikepark Zauberg.
Raoul flowing through the trails and over the shores, good job bro!

check out the video below:

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raoulvid1 Freeride trail in Maribor, Slovenia

Raul and Casper went for a roadtrip and visited the local freeride trails of Maribor.

check out the sweet vid!

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Leogang 2011 adventure Raoul & Casper

Raoul and Casper are in Leogang, Austria. Here they are fascinated by the mountainview and the trails..

Check out the video:

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first of season winterberg 2011

Team SoliD in Winterberg 2011

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